Technical lead, problem solver and full-stack generalist with 16 years of programming experience. Strong preference for interesting problems, project automation / continuous delivery, and contributing to a learning organization.

Core Skills

  • Communication
  • Problem Solving
  • Multi-Paradigm Programming
  • Design
  • Meta-Learning
  • Agile Software Development Practices

Supporting Traits

  • Craftsmanship
  • Pragmatism
  • Candor
  • Curiosity
  • Tactical Pessimism
  • Strategic Realism

Technical Specifics

Java, Python, Javascript, Groovy, SQL, Bash, C/C++
Linux, Docker, Kubernetes, AWS, JVM, JEE Containers, Nodejs, MySQL, PostgreSQL, HTML5
Jenkins, Git, Terraform, Gradle, Artifactory, Sonarqube, NPM, Maven, SVN/CVS, Gulp, Make, curl, awk, sed, numerous other CLI utilities
Frameworks / Libraries
Spring Boot, Django, Dropwizard, Angular, Spring Cloud, JPA / Hibernate, Mybatis, Wicket, JUnit, RXJava, Spring Framework, Activiti, SLF4J, Quartz, JQuery, Jersey, Mockito, JBehave, Apache Commons, et al.


Scripps Networks Interactive / Discovery, Inc (2003 - Present)

Phase 3 - Project Automation

2015 - Present

Established common, reuasable project foundations for microservices, worker agents, Lambdas and user interfaces. Streamlined new development efforts and provided a set of common architectural patterns for better support and faster time to market.

Created tools for continuous delivery capabilities across multiple environments using Python, Jenkins, Groovy, Artifactory, Sonarqube, AWS, Puppet, Docker and other technologies. These tools support multiple deployment styles and target platforms including Spring Boot, JBoss 5, JBoss 6, Tomcat, Dropwizard, and Apache.

Phase 2 - Content Delivery

2012 - 2015

Designed, implemented, and supported a suite of applications for the scheduling, preparation and delivery of custom content to our video partners.

Achieved the high degree of flexibility needed with the use of custom configuration DSLs to drive automated workflows through an event-driven, microservice architecture. At peak, this system has delivered multiple terabytes of video, image, and metadata content per day with more than 30 different vendor customizations in content format and packaging specifications.

Phase 1 - Media Asset Management

2005 - 2011

Part of a multi-year, multi-team effort to establish a comprehensive suite of first-generation applications and services for the ingest, search, management and use of media across the company.

Expanded capabilities of the core systems for international workflows by modifying existing applications and integrating new services to provide rights search, clearance / approval, and order request / fulfillment capabilities. Received the Chairman's Award for my work as software engineer and project manager for this effort concurrent with a separate project for image search.

Phase 0 - Onboarding

2003 - 2005

Updated, supported and tested VOD automation workflows from encoding to metadata generation using a small suite of custom tools and integration with vendor products.


Bachelor of Science Cum Laude in Computer Science, University of Tennessee, 2001

Bachelor of Arts Cum Laude in Philosophy, University of Tennessee, 1997