What is Praxis

Praxis is the way by which ideas, skills and theories are created, practiced or realized. Aristotle wrote that there are three types of meaningful activity that people engage in - theoria, poiesis, and praxis. These led to knowledge pertaining to truth, creation, and action, respectively. Admittedly, we’ve come a long way since Aristotle’s time, but it remains a useful idea. Praxis is about improvement and becoming better by continued execution and reflection. Praxis can be done in a number of ways, but it is best accomplished by execution and extension.


Software development is a combination of skills and the only way to improve at any skill (let alone a combination of them) is with practice. Regardless of what aspect you want to improve - tools, techniques, mental acuity, efficiency, code quality, system design, pattern recognition, intuition, etc. - you can improve all of them with practice.


Practice helps us improve at what we know and wish to know better. That isn’t enough for most. We also need to push our limits and expand our knowledge to include what we don’t know. This is extension. We extend past our limits because that is the only way to push our limits further out.

Praxis Listing

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