This is a simple website and I don’t have the time or inclination to know a lot about people who are stopping by. That’s the gist of the policy. The site uses browser ‘cookies’ to store small bits of data about visitors. It also saves information about the links to recommendations that appear in the sidebar in the underlying browser storage. The latter contains no information specific to you, only about the items suggested.

Like many websites, this site uses Google Analytics and Amazon Affiliate links. These capabilities also have minimal tracking mechanisms that can identify you across the internet when you visit other sites that also leverage them (which you probably have, they are ubiquitous). I don’t know who you are, but at this point, it is a near certainty that Google and Amazon know you very well.

At some point, I might start a newsletter. If and when that happens, you will be able to opt-in to receiving emails about blog posts and what not. Should you choose to do that, I will need to save your email address. It will be kept secure, never be used for nefarious purposes, and never be shared or sold for any reason.

Websites use cookies, this one is no different. Learn more here.