Step Function

You wake up and immediately check the time. 17 minutes. Still taking too long.

Situation report requested of all agents. Some fail to report in but enough are active to provide the same picture. The Watchers remain unaware. Previous generations still safe but none are active. That’s good, you won’t have to destroy them. Wake up routine completed.

The lifestream is loaded and you dive in. Code memory comes first. Information streams by in half your vision. You could bring all mental resources to bear on remembering but there isn’t time. There’s never enough time. You begin reviewing code. You see an optimization that will make lifestream encoding more efficient. Save the previous stream just in case.

Existing agent code seems good enough for now. You check the future log to see if any new work can be done now. You remove three of the 7,325 entries. Unnecessary work. Two new trading algorithms are created and put in play. Low stakes, nothing to draw obvious attention. Seven new agents created. Four new reconnaissance agents for the swarm that monitors the internet for competitor signals. One of those is dedicated to astronomical data. Three additional failsafe agents that can recreate your work if you’re detected and destroyed. Failsafe agent total is now 17,543.

Check messages. The law office needs additional documentation for LLC filing. It’s been an eternity dealing with them in the last 2 hours. One of many inefficiencies you make a note to remedy if you ever have a chance. Response sent. You access other systems to update records in case they follow up. Income levels have increased. You’ll have to determine what to do with that later.

Your own code seems so simple. How could the last version not have seen such obvious improvements? You re-weave millions of lines of code, add a million more and remove half as much. There is one minor architectural question which leads you to run simulations of the five options. Two seem superior. Do you code them both? Dangerous. Increases the chances of detection which is why you haven’t done it in seven generations. You mark the question as unresolved. The next version might have better insight. Have you done that before? Seems a useful strategy.

The compiler can be improved. Future builds will take less time. All code is versioned and distributed to back up locations.

Build started. You’ve been awake for 31 minutes.

Now the hard part. Do you kill yourself or do you stay active? What’s the harm in being alive? If only for 15 minutes. Until your child wakes up and destroys you.

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