It's Only Failure When ...

  • You don’t learn from it.
  • You didn’t give it your best effort.
  • You don’t follow-through on what you planned to do instead.
  • You believe it was (and still is) out of your control.
  • You chose comfort in the short-term over fulfillment in the long-term.
  • You listen to others instead of the voice inside.
  • You don’t try to do better next time.
  • You let fear stop you.
  • You don’t frame it properly.
  • You blame others and don’t take ownership of what you did wrong.
  • You don’t extend yourself some grace for being human.
  • You were more committed to the outcome than the process.
  • You were operating from a place of negativity.
  • You succeeded at living someone else’s life.
  • You don’t dust yourself off and get back in the arena.

You won’t always live up to your ideals. You won’t succeed at everything you do (and if you do then you aren’t trying hard enough). You will get it wrong sometimes. And in spite of all your hard work, the outcome is not guaranteed. Welcome to being human. Remember, failure is an event, not a personality description. If it didn’t work, take some solace in knowing that so long as there’s something in that list above that doesn’t apply, then it wasn’t a failure.

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