Hello. I’m Benjamin Pack, author, owner and operator of this eponymous website. Welcome to one of my perpetual works-in-progress. This site is one part journal, one part practice platform, and one part professional portfolio.

Who Am I

I’ve been asking that question for the better part of a lifetime. Programmer, thinker, father, husband, reader, student, problem solver, wilderness explorer, seeker, practicing stoic and would-be polymath.

Before starting my career as a software engineer, I attended the University of Tennessee where I studied computer science, philosophy, mathematics and numerous other subjects. After seven years and two degrees, I took a break from formal education that continues to this day. Part of my plan for the future includes a post-graduate degree. Until then, I continue to explore subjects that I find interesting running the spectrum from cognitive theory to physics to cosmology to history. The pursuit of knowledge is a central tenet of my life and a critical part of the human experience.

If you don’t consider the Myers-Briggs to be modern day astrology (or even if you do but think it’s a useful tool), it might help to know that I’m an INTJ.

If you want to know more about me, I encourage you to check out out my blog. Insofar as writing reflects thinking and imagination, what you find there might reveal more about me than this page ever could. This may or may not be a good thing.


I work on this site in my own time on my own hardware. While I have an employer, what I say on here is entirely my own. Statements, facts and opinions that I put forward do not reflect the ideas, plans or notions (be they reasonable, misguided or otherwise) of the company that signs my paychecks or anyone that works there other than me.

I’m not a lawyer, so you’d be crazy to construe anything resembling a legal opinion as some kind of advice. If I mention people, it’s very likely that they are convenient fictions constructed from traits and tendencies possessed by people I know that I’ve assembled together to tell a story. The names haven’t been changed because these characters have no independent reality.

There will be some technical content on here and there is a chance that it is incorrect due to typographical errors, omissions, versioning problems, dependency issues, or the limits of my own understanding. I make no promises that everything will work, though I will try my best to make sure that it does. Even so, if it doesn’t compile, breaks your server, causes lost work, reformats your hard drive, jacks up your phone bill, gives you a cold, steals your towel, takes over the world, runs off with your spouse or deletes the internet, well, all you can really expect from me is my sympathies. Though I may send you a new towel.

Update: (2017.06.19): I’ve decided that this introduction is probably worthwhile as an about page.

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