Autumn Reflections on This Blog

Every three months, I take some time to look back and see what I’ve done and where I’m going. It’s good to stop periodically and think about your work. Is it good work? Is it the right thing to do? Is it the best use of limited time and resources? That depends on what you are trying to accomplish. In this case, I’m thinking about this website, this blog. What’s it for?

I’m going to try to figure out the answer to that by first answering the opposite question. What is it not for? I’m not starting a community or encouraging conversation. There isn’t even a comment section for this site. Perhaps all writing is a form of conversation, but if so this one is one-sided and asynchronous. I’m not trying to build a brand or market anything. We are all involved in brand marketing to a point. A lot of our behavior is signaling and convincing others that we are worthwhile members of the tribe. I’m not intentionally doing that over and above the default. I’m not trying to make money. Which is good because it probably never will. There are some affiliate links to Amazon scattered about from which I have made an impressive zero dollars.

So what’s it for?

Content here is varied. I have observations about the world, sets of questions, bits about stoic philosophy, short fiction, book recommendations, life recommendations, programming tutorials and all manner of other examples of thinking out loud (with a good bit of editing involved). The cadence for posting has been two to five posts a month. Some months I have more time and focus to write than others. I posted nothing this past July because I took a long hike with my son. I endeavor to write every day. There are times what I’ve written doesn’t make it onto the blog. That happens more times than not.

Ultimately this blog is a reflection of my life. It’s a seeking. Time spent in different measures of exploration, inquiry, experiment, random walk, documentation and reflection. It’s an exercise in creating something where there was nothing before. That’s all it is and all it will continue to be. Perhaps I should niche down and focus on a theme. That’s what a marketer or brand promoter would suggest. I have other domains for that (which I haven’t used yet). Given this site is eponymous, it follows that since I have an assortment of interests and ideas that the writing here will be just as varied.

I hope it’s useful and worth reading. That won’t be the case for every post (this one for example, is likely neither). Utility and value are secondary objectives. If I can provide them then that’s a bonus to the act of creating something. Going forward, I’m going to continue to experiment. There will be brief posts. There will be short fiction. There will probably not be much in the way of politics because that’s just a recipe for annoyance these days. At least for me. God knows there are plenty of other outlets screaming into echo chambers for that.

If anyone is reading, thank you. I encourage you to look at your own life and work and ask, what’s it for?

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